The Official Veronica Mars Trailer Is Here!

Veronica Mars movie still

E! Online debuted the newest look at the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie yesterday. In the new footage, Veronica Mars hears some bad news: her former boyfriend, Logan Echolls, is caught up in some major legal troubles… he’s been accused of murdering his girlfriend. Veronica is forced to go back home to Neptune, the place she left behind, and return to her P.I. roots to prove Logan’s innocence.

The marketing machine has begun! With a release date of March 14th, Veronica Mars is looking to catch your attention fast (and I sincerely hope that it does). Watching this new trailer gives me a better sense of the movie and what to expect, and most importantly, reminds me how much I want more of the Keith and Veronica dynamic and how I hope that father/daughter relationship gets its due in the movie. I’m beyond excited to see one of my favorite TV characters hit the big screen and cannot wait until I can purchase my ticket for it. I’m very glad that movie-going audiences will have a chance to see some of that wonderful Veronica Mars snark and, fingers-crossed, will want to see further Mars Investigations mysteries.

Veronica Mars is co-written by creator Rob Thomas (who also directs) and Diane Ruggiero. It stars Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Chris Lowell, Ryan Hansen, Krysten Ritter, Percy Daggs III, Tina Majorino, Francis Capra, Jerry O’Connell, Ken Marino, and Enrico Colantoni.

by Ben McBride

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