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The World's End blu art

The World’s End

Twenty years after their first epic pub crawl attempt, five friends reunite in their home town to complete the ultimate challenge: one night, twelve bars, a boozy quest on which only the strongest will survive. But after a bizarre series of encounters with the out-of-this-world locals, they soon realize that reaching their final pub, The World’s End, may be the least of their troubles. They’re having the time of their lives, ready to take on the world… but tonight they may have to save it.

I loved Edgar Wright’s final film in the Cornetto trilogy. It’s really funny and full of some great character work. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in top form here and Edgar Wright knocks this out of the park. I cannot wait to rewatch this one and dig into the special features. The Blu-ray features three audio commentaries, two behind-the-scenes documentaries and roughly 20 featurettes covering everything from the director and its cast to outtakes, deleted scenes and alternate takes. This is a must buy.

Assault on Precinct 13 blu art

Assault on Precinct 13

A mob of crazy guerilla gunmen lay siege to a soon-to-be-closed police station, trapping a single cop and a couple of secretaries inside. The gunmen unleash wave upon wave of attacks on the beleaguered station, but the cop proves himself a resourceful foe.

Shout Factory releases this John Carpenter classic on Blu-ray in a Collector’s Edition and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! While my current budget is preventing me from picking this up right away, this will most certainly be sitting on my movie shelf in the near future. For one, it’s a John Carpenter film. And two, this Collector’s Edition features new supplements that include video interviews with actors Austin Stoker and Nancy Loomis and a new audio commentary with art director/sound effects designer/friend-of-Carpenter, Tommy Lee Wallace. The Collector’s Edition also features previously released features like an interview with Carpenter and Stoker, the isolated music score, original theatrical trailer and radio spots, as well as an audio commentary track with director John Carpenter. I was kind of hoping that Shout was using a new master of the film as the previous Image Blu-ray had certain distracting anomalies but it sounds like they use the same video transfer here. I know the low-budget nature of the movie and the film’s age were the biggest factors in select segments of the movie looking less than stellar so thinking Shout could fix that was just wishful thinking on my part. That being said, with exception to a few shots in the movie, the movie looks really great on Blu-ray.

The To Do List blu art

The To Do List

Class of ’93 valedictorian Brandy Klark wants to get “educated” before she goes off to college, so she assembles a “to do list” of all the sexual activities she missed out on in high school. Quickly realizing that she’s way out of her league, Brandy solicits her best friends, older sister and burnt-out boss for their help and advice. As Brandy crams for her sexual finals, a supporting cast of horny misfits— an orally-challenged classmate, a grunge-singing doofus — eagerly offer their assistance and shocking mayhem ensues.

I never saw this in the theater but I love Aubrey Plaza and I’m really looking forward to checking out this comedy which features a pretty fun-looking supporting cast. Plaza, who is absolutely hilarious on NBC’s Parks & Recreation, is a really talented comedic actress and I’d like to see her in more movies (she was pretty great in Safety Not Guaranteed). Similarly, I’d like to see Donald Glover, who has a role in this film, to be featured in more movies as well. I’ll be adding this to the top of my Netflix queue.

2 Guns blu art

2 Guns

When an attempt to take down a drug cartel blows up in their faces, two undercover operatives are forced to go on the run together, though neither knows that the other is a federal agent. Suddenly, everyone on both sides of the law wants them dead, and their only hope is to trust each other.

2 Guns comes to home video with some retailer exclusives to entice you to part with your money. Target is selling the Blu-ray paired with an exclusive 48-page 2 Guns book, which features the first two chapters of the graphic novel upon which the movie is based. Best Buy has the movie in an exclusive MetalPak case. Walmart is offering the film with over 30 minutes of exclusive bonus content (available digitally through VUDU). 2 Guns is, of course, available as a normal Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy release at all retailers as well. I haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet but it sounds like it delivers the Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg actiony goods.

Night of the Comet blu art

Night of the Comet

It’s the first comet to buzz the planet in 65 million years, and everyone seems to be celebrating its imminent arrival! Everyone, that is, except for Regina Belmont and her younger sister Samantha, two valley gals who care more about meteoric fashion trends than celestial phenomena. But upon daybreak, when the girls discover that they’re the only residents of Los Angeles whom the comet hasn’t disintegrated or turned into a zombie, they… well, they go shopping! But when their day of malling threatens to become a day of the mauling, these two val gals flee with both killer zombies and blood-seeking scientists in hot pursuit!

Scream Factory releases this ’80s fan favorite in a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray + DVD combo pack. I watched this flick many, many years ago and didn’t remember liking it at the time but I can’t remember much of anything about the movie so I think it’s time to revisit it and see how I feel about it now. I’m hoping that my opinion has changed because after reading the premise again, Night of the Comet sounds like a load of ’80s B-movie fun. Scream Factory has provided quite a few special features that include three audio commentaries, three featurettes, the theatrical trailer and some photo galleries.

We're the Millers blu art

We’re The Millers

David Burke is a small-time pot dealer whose clientele includes chefs and soccer moms, but no kids. After all, he has his scruples. When his stash and cash are stolen, he’s left in major debt to his supplier, Brad, and soon becomes a big-time drug smuggler, tasked with bringing Brad’s latest shipment in from Mexico. One fake wife, two pretend kids and a huge, shiny RV later, the “Millers” are headed south of the border for a Fourth of July weekend that is sure to end with a bang.

The trailer for this comedy didn’t sell me enough on the movie to want to spend my money on it at the theater. Now that it’s on Blu-ray, I’d be willing to give it a shot, if for no other reason than that it features the hilarious Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn in small roles. The Blu-ray features two cuts of the movie, the theatrical and an extended edition which lengthens the movie by 9 minutes.

Tank Girl blu art

Tank Girl

The year’s 2033 and since a humongous meteor hit earth, the world just hasn’t been the same. No movies, no cable television, no water! A mega-villain, Kesslee, the leader of Water & Power, holds the world in his grasp since he controls all the water…or so he thinks. Two colossal enemies stand in his way: one, The Rippers, an army of half-men/half-kangaroo people whose sole purpose is to bring down Water & Power and, two, a chick with a tank and tons of attitude: aka Tank Girl. Kesslee had better get a grip on reality and his water jugs because not even a run in Tank Girl’s stockings is going to stop her from saving the world!

This Collector’s Edition Blu-ray + DVD combo pack comes from Shout Factory and looks like it should please fans of this cult movie. The disc features a commentary with actress Lori Petty and director Rachel Talalay as well as three video interviews with Petty, Talalay and production designer Catherine Hardwicke that go into the production history and their roles on the film.

All is Bright blu art

All is Bright

A recently paroled thief who, in a grumbling, last-ditch attempt to go straight, agrees to help his former best friend and criminal partner sell Christmas trees in Brooklyn.

I hadn’t heard of this movie until today but it caught my attention with its two stars, Paul Giammatti and Paul Rudd. After reading up on it, this may not be a Christmas movie that will fill you with joy but is a well-made and well-acted film that features some good character depth and is worth a watch even if it is ultimately a gloomy holiday-themed movie.

More titles released today:

Violet & Daisy

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season 5


Maniac Cop 2

Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence

Eve of Destruction


Lilyhammer: Season One


Tokyo Story (Criterion)

Treme: The Complete Third Season

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Unification

Lost Girl: Season Three

Hannah Arendt

And While We’re Here

Demonic Toys

The Pom Pom Girls

Russian Ark

The Bells of St. Mary’s

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