40 Awesome Horror Posters from the ’80s!

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate the spookiest of holidays, I’ve put together a collection of horror movie posters that brings together all the posters from this year’s 31 Days of ’80s Horror posts as well as a few more posters that I am a fan of. You may notice that The Toolbox Murders, Tales from the Darkside and Popcorn are included here and are technically not ’80s movies, well, they’re awesome posters and came out very near the beginning or end of the ’80s so I included them here as well (but they don’t count towards the 40 posters I’m advertising in the headline so we’re square).

If you want to look back over the past 31 Days of ’80s Horror, click here to check out the individual posts! Enjoy!

by Ben McBride

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    […] 40 Awesome Horror Posters from the ’80s! […]

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