Sharknado Trailer Shows Off Its Must-See Stupidity

“It’s flooding here.  No not the plumbing, the OCEAN!” Ahh, I love bad movies!  They can be so fun to watch with their terrible dialogue, bad acting and ludicrous plots.  Sharknado looks to be such a movie where lots of sharks start gathering together just in time for some severe weather to whip them up into a tornado of frenzied teeth and wreak havoc on Los Angeles.  This sure to be cult classic stars Tara Reid (so we know the caliber of acting we’re in for) and comes from the SyFy network and The Asylum.

The movie looks utterly ridiculous and quite possibly well worth every minute of its B-movie ineptitude.  I’m not an avid watcher of SyFy channel originals as they tend to be more boring than entertaining (though I do like to have them on for background noise) but I have to admit that Sharknado has definitely caught my attention.  It airs tonight at 9pm EST on SyFy.  I’ll be setting my DVR to record for sure.

Tune in to see if Tara Reid’s claim that Sharknado is “better than Snakes on a Plane” has some truth to it or not.  Or just tune in to just see chainsaw on shark action and to watch people try to blow up a tornado full of sharks with bombs.

by Ben McBride

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Sharknado poster


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2 Comments on “Sharknado Trailer Shows Off Its Must-See Stupidity”

  1. Ben McBride August 1, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    I still haven’t seen Sharknado! Grr!

  2. NICK July 30, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    My vote is still for Snakes on a Plane, but this was still pretty fun/terrible.

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