The Roy Scheider & Adam Baldwin-led Cohen & Tate coming to Blu-ray!


I love looking through listings of future Blu-ray releases and coming across a movie I’d never heard of but absolutely must see.  While I was doing some future Blu-ray browsing recently, I came across the listing for Shout! Factory’s upcoming Blu-ray release of 1988’s Cohen & Tate which stars Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin!  I’ve been a long time fan of Scheider since I practically grew up watching (and rewatching) Jaws and episodes of seaQuest DSV.  In more recent years, I’ve become a fan of Adam Baldwin after I saw him play Jayne in Joss Whedon’s Firefly and a small role in season five of Angel.  Never in a million years would I have expected that these two actors from different eras would ever be in a movie together, let alone go toe-to-toe!

I did some quick research to find out a little more about Cohen & Tate but didn’t really find all that much on it besides some praise from a few vocal fans of the movie on IMDB and such.  The movie is written and directed by Eric Red, who wrote on films such as the original The Hitcher and Near Dark, and most recently wrote and directed the horror thriller 100 Feet starring Famke Janssen.

Here’s the synopsis for C0hen & Tate from Shout! Factory’s website:

Cohen and Tate are two mafia hit men who don’t exactly hit it off.  Cohen (Roy Scheider, Jaws) is an old pro, a cold-blooded killer who is all business.  Tate (Adam Baldwin, Chuck) is a young hothead who kills for fun.  Together they kidnap nine-year-old Travis Knight (Harley Cross, The Believers), an eyewitness to a recent mob rub-out.  Now, they’ve got 24 hours to deliver him to Houston for interrogation and elimination.  Realizing their mutual hatred is his only hope, Travis plays this lethal odd couple against one another.  But when their volatile words explode into a fiery gun battle, he’s caught in the crossfire.

A kid trying to outwit two lethal killers?  Sounds a bit implausible/hokey, but hey, the story isn’t what the attraction to this movie is, well for me anyway.  I’d watch just about anything Roy Scheider is in so I’m pre-sold on the movie and I’m excited to see these two actors play off each other.  The Blu-ray comes out July 9 (you can pre-order it here) and features a commentary track from writer/director Eric Red.  Needless to say, I’m definitely picking this one up when it becomes available.

by Ben McBride

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Cohen and Tate still

Cohen and Tate poster


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