IMAX Limited Edition Midnight Iron Man 3 Mondo Poster!

IMAX announced that they have teamed up with Marvel Studios and Mondo for an exclusive limited edition Iron Man 3 poster as the last of their IMAX 12:01 program prints.  Those attending midnight shows of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 in the first hours of May 3rd will receive a limited edition Iron Man 3 print (while supplies last).  The print features original artwork from the renowned artist Jock.  To see a full list of participating theaters in the US/Canada, click here.

I like these Mondo poster incentives that they’ve been doing.  I got a pretty nice looking John Carter poster from Mondo (I think it was about 13×19 roughly) from one of these IMAX screenings.  IMAX states that this is the last poster in the midnight screening program but I foresee them picking it back up again or doing a variation of the program sometime in the future. That is pure speculation of course so be sure to pick up one of these posters by heading to one of the Iron Man 3 IMAX screenings.  I was going to see the movie in IMAX anyhow, so this is just a bonus for me.

Oh yea, you probably want to see that free poster you’re going to line up for at midnight… it’s not like you were going to wait to see Iron Man 3 anyhow!

Iron Man 3 Mondo poster for IMAX midnight screenings

by Ben McBride


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2 Comments on “IMAX Limited Edition Midnight Iron Man 3 Mondo Poster!”

  1. Nolan McBride (@nolan_mcbride) April 23, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    Ahh this is amazing but I’m sure ours will get bent/broken/destroyed.


  1. Foto galeria pósters alternativos de Iron Man 3 - - May 7, 2013

    […] Artista: Jock // Imágene vía […]

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