The Blu-ray Crypt – Mar. 26

From Beyond blu art

From Beyond

This H.P. Lovecraft-inspired horror tale from 1986 reunites director Stuart Gordon with his Re-Animator stars Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton.  It also features the awesome Ken Foree from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.  Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition of From Beyond features the unrated director’s cut and a plethora of special features, including two commentaries, interviews with cast and crew and a look at the extensive make-up and creature effects.  I’m super pumped for this release and can’t wait to rewatch this awesomely gross, bizarrely sexual and interesting movie in high-def.  It’s fun.

Phantasm II blu art

Phantasm II

I’ve never seen any of the Phantasm sequels so I’m eager to check out this Collector’s Edition release of Phantasm II, also from Scream Factory.  I’ve heard the movie suffers from a bit of a disconnect, due to a recasting of a main role and the production design not carrying over from the first film, but is nonetheless still a fun time.  Scream Factory has assembled some rather appealing special features that include an 46-minute in-depth piece on the film, a look at special make-up effects guru Greg Nicotero and his contributions to the film, additional featurettes, deleted scenes and a commentary with director Don Coscarelli and stars Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister.

Killing Them Softly blu art

Killing Them Softly

I had a hard time really getting into this movie completely and may need another viewing to really figure out where I stand in terms of appreciation/enjoyment of Andrew Dominik’s latest. That being said, Brad Pitt and Richard Jenkins are both pretty great in the movie and it’s worth watching just for them.  Besides sporting a very good transfer, this release of the movie doesn’t offer much else except a few deleted scenes and a very brief featurette.

Lincoln blu art


I know a lot of people really liked this a hell of a lot and I did enjoy the movie but I quite honestly don’t have much of a desire to rewatch it again.  It’s just not one of those movies that I’ll be jonesing for in a few months or a year.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I do recommend watching it as it is a very well-made film.  It sounds like the video transfer on the disc is pretty fantastic.

The Collection blu art

The Collection

I haven’t seen The Collector yet so it’s safe to say that I have yet to watch this sequel.  I skipped over both films due to Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan’s knack for creating horror films more easily coined as “torture porn.”  I’m not really into the torture porn genre and am not a fan of the Saw franchise, which Melton and Dunstan were heavily involved in.  There’s been enough positive or at least semi-positive reviews of The Collector/The Collection that I would be interested in giving them a shot.  Fans should be pleased to hear that The Collection shows all of its blood and guts in a rather fine high definition presentation, according to early Blu-ray reviews, with a few featurettes as bonus features.

Star Trek Enterprise blu art

Star Trek: Enterprise – Season One

I’ve only seen one Star Trek series all the way through and that is Enterprise.  It may not be a perfect series but I did enjoy my time with it and was actually pretty excited about its Blu-ray debut.  Based on some reviews I’ve read of the Season One set, I’m a little bummed to hear that the high-definition presentation of the show is not quite up to snuff with the other Star Trek series released on Blu-ray, especially considering it’s the most recent show of the franchise. The video does come from a 1080p source but that source was from before HD had been totally adopted so it’s not up to today’s standards, though it’s also not something to be worried about outright either.  However, the slight lack in visuals look to have been made up for in very robust special features spread across all of the discs.  I’ll probably pick up the set if it were to go on sale but I anticipate it will be quite some time before it hits a price point I’d pay.  I do hope it sells well though, I want to see more beloved and cult TV shows hit Blu-ray.

Parental Guidance blu art

Parental Guidance

I saw this a couple months ago at a free screening, which to be honest, was probably the only way I was going to see this movie.  I had very low expectations for it which was probably why I actually left the theater feeling like I had been entertained.  It’s not a movie I would wholeheartedly endorse but as far as a family comedy goes, you could certainly do much worse.  It did make me laugh, so I suppose it did its job and deserves a rental recommendation.

More titles released today:

The Terminator Anthology (Best Buy exclusivity ends)

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park 2

Jurassic Park 3

Monsieur Verdoux (Criterion)

A Man Escaped (Criterion)

Dead Sushi (Best Buy exclusivity ends)

Veep: Season One

The Borgias: The Complete Second Season

Continuum: Season One

The Sandlot

Day of the Falcon

A Royal Affair


The Eye of the Storm

To The Arctic 3D

Bangkok Revenge

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Series One

Adventures in Zambezia


Panic in the Streets

The Devil and Miss Jones


Little Fugitive

The Sun Shines Bright

China Gate

A Man Betrayed

Westward Ho

The Lawless Nineties

Wyoming Outlaw

Hell’s Half Acre


The Atomic Kid

by Ben McBride


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