The Blu-ray Crypt – Mar. 6

Hello all.  Sorry this Blu-ray post is a day late.  I came down with something over the past two days and didn’t have much energy to do much of anything.  I’m feeling better now so I wanted to get this up today to make up for the delay.  So here it is, better late than never, this week’s Blu-ray offerings.

Red Dawn blu art

Red Dawn

I haven’t heard many good things about this remake but I am curious to check it out eventually just to see if it might qualify as a so-bad-it’s-good type movie.  This release is the very definition of bare bones as there are no special features provided on the disc.  Fans of the movie may be disappointed by the lack of supplements but should be happy to know that the video transfer is supposed to be pretty damn great.

Wreck-It Ralph 3D blu art

Wreck-It Ralph 3D

This animated movie could have been so much more than it was but still ended up being a fun flick.  The world that Ralph lives in is made up of all the video game characters we know and love and I would have really wanted to see more of that world.  We get a fun glimpse in the beginning of the movie but then the film ends up taking place mostly in the land of Sugar Rush, a fictional video game.  Hopefully in the sequel we’ll see more of the actual video game characters get mixed into the story and see what fun they can have.  Wreck-It Ralph is an enjoyable time and worth picking up.  I’ve no doubt it looks beautiful on Blu-ray.

Schindler's List blu art

Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List hits Blu-ray in a Digibook 20th Anniversary Edition set that includes the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copies of the film.  There isn’t much in the way of making of special features (something Spielberg has said he’s not keen to show given that he doesn’t want to take away from the importance of the film and the people it represents) but there is a 77-minute collection of interviews with Holocaust survivors, witnesses and descendants, hosted by Spielberg himself. Spielberg personally supervised the extensive restoration process for the film and it looks like the results have yielded rather nicely for its high-def presentation.

The Intouchables blu art

The Intouchables

I missed this when it was in theaters but I’m told that I should take some time to watch this heartfelt film about a quadriplegic aristocrat, who was injured in a paragliding accident, and a young man from the projects.  The film is simple in its story of how they come to bond and grow an unlikely friendship and is supposed to be genuinely touching.  While I’ve not seen this, I’m pretty confident in saying, that this will be something worth checking out if you haven’t already as it’s been recommended to me by quite a few people.

Lay the Favorite blu art

Lay the Favorite

This is the latest from High Fidelity director Stephen Frears starring Rebecca Hall, Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Joshua Jackson and Vince Vaughan.  I passed on this movie at the theater but definitely want to check it out soon on Blu.  I’ve heard the script is the most problematic aspect of the film but I like the cast and, even though the gambling storyline doesn’t exactly intrigue me, the trailer did look fun enough to give it a shot.

Playing for Keeps blu art

Playing for Keeps

This romantic comedy didn’t seem to fare well with the critics, some calling it lifeless and dull.  I had all but forgotten this movie existed until I saw its home video release date when I was writing this post.  I like some of the cast but it sounds like this one is easily passable.  The disc comes with a few bonus features including some deleted scenes and a brief behind-the-scenes featurette.

More titles released today:

West World

The Marine 3: Homefront

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie

Interview with a Hitman

Cowgirls ‘N Angels

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 2

Murdoch Mysteries: Season 5

Murdoch Mysteries Collection: Seasons 1-4

Waiting for Lightning

Revelation Road: Beginning of the End

Muay Thai Warrior

One Night with the King

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Season 2

by Ben McBride


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