Mondo Releases Goldsmith’s Poltergeist Score on Vinyl!


Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Mondo will release a limited run of Jerry Goldsmith’s Poltergeist (1982) on vinyl on February 22.  The soundtrack has been completely remastered specifically for vinyl and pressed on high-grade 180 gram vinyl.   The vinyl release will feature two LPs with clear-vinyl variants randomly inserted amongst the regular black editions.  The album artwork is by design duo We Buy Your Kids (Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney).  The Poltergeist LP will be priced at $25 and available on their web site ( at a random time on the 22nd.  Mondo will announce the exact moment the LP goes on sale that day on Twitter so be sure to follow them at @MondoNews to try to get your copy (it will be sure to sell out VERY quickly).

I think the album artwork is beautiful and worth trying to snag a copy for that alone.  That being said, Jerry Goldsmith’s score is amazing and definitely worthy of owning and listening to.  While I may not have a record player (yet!), I would love to pick one of these up and listen to the whole soundtrack.  I know it’s been released on CD before but there is just something about listening to an 80s soundtrack on vinyl that is quite appealing.

Listed below are the track names as well as the inside art on the LP.

1) The Star Spangled Banner
2) The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main Title)
3) The Tree (Outtake)
4) The Clown / They’re Here / Broken Glass / The Hole / TV People
5) Twisted Abduction
6) Contacting The Other Side
7) The Light
8) Night Visitor / No Complaints
9) It Knows What Scares You
10) Rebirth
11) Night Of The Beast
12) Escape From Suburbia
13) Carol Anne’s Theme (End Title)


by Ben McBride

Source: Ain’t It Cool


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