The Blu-ray Crypt – Jan. 15

Taken 2 blu

Taken 2

Lightning doesn’t quite strike twice.  I really had a fun time with Taken and was hoping that Taken 2 was going to better the original in terms of action.  Instead, you basically get more (or less) the same thing.  Don’t get me wrong, there was enjoyment to be had in Taken 2 but it just didn’t go above and beyond in upping the action for a sequel (you can read my full review of the film here).  I’m interested in seeing the extended cut, which looks to be about an additional six minutes, in hopes that there’s a bit more Liam Neeson badassery in it.  Fans of watching Neeson punch bad guys in the face will definitely want to get this.

To Rome with Love blu

To Rome with Love

Woody Allen’s latest feels more like fluff when compared to his vast filmography but it is still enjoyable fluff.  I definitely appreciated seeing some of Allen’s earlier comedic sensibilities present in To Rome With Love which added a little Bananas-esque fun to the film.  The movie may not stay with you the way some of Allen’s other works will but it’s worth a view.

Wake in Fright blu

Wake in Fright

Wake in Fright has had a long journey to its current release.  It was released in Australia in 1971 and bombed at the box office, mainly due to the film appalling Australian audiences with its rather frank portrayal of the Australian outback.  Wake in Fright was believed to be lost for decades and virtually unseen in America.  The film’s editor began searching for elements of the film in 1996 and did not find what he was looking for until eight years later in a Pittsburgh facility, where the film elements had been marked for destruction.  Then after years of legal entanglement and a few years of restorative work, the film was re-released at Cannes in 2009 and in Australia a month later, followed by a DVD and Blu-ray release there.  Drafthouse films is now releasing it in America to give fans of cinema a chance to finally see the film that director Martin Scorsese has championed.

The film follows a schoolteacher as he descends into personal demoralization when he becomes stranded in a small town in the Australian outback.  He gets involved with a group of drunken and deranged men that puts his life into a spiral of madness.  Wake in Fright stars Gary Bond and Donald Pleasance and is as interesting and engrossing as it is disturbing and brutal.  There is a segment of the film where the men hunt down kangaroos and brutally kill them, with footage used from an actual licensed kangaroo hunt.  That mixed with the film’s descent into madness story will surely make it hard for some to watch the film but those who watch it should appreciate it for its thematic exploration of loss of morality and that it doesn’t offer an answer beyond what you make of it.

The Possession blu

The Possession

I may be one of the few people who actually enjoyed The Possession.  It may have its generic exorcism movie qualities but there was enough in it for me to have a fun time with.  I thought Natasha Calis did a pretty good job as the daughter who gets possessed and I liked director Ole Bornedal’s visual sense.  It’s possible my second viewing of the film may show the movie’s seams more but I think I’ll still have a good time with it.

The Paperboy blu

The Paperboy

I haven’t seen this pulpy noir thriller yet but it’s on my radar.  The reviews on it aren’t necessarily overwhelmingly positive but it sounds like there are some great elements to the film that are worth watching.  Plus, the cast all looks good, even Nicole Kidman, who lately hasn’t seemed all that exciting to me.

The Intouchables blu

The Intouchables

I’ve been told that The Intouchables is a delightful film and that I should watch it.  Seeing as how I’m an equal opportunity movie watcher, I will be doing just that and adding this to my Netflix queue.  However, it will probably be awhile before I see it as my queue is backlogged with lots of other titles I want to see.  The Intouchables broke box office records in France, its native country, and seems to have made a bit of a splash in the American independent film scene enough to say that it warrants a view for those on the lookout for a new foreign film to watch.

Sleeper blu


I’m so happy to see more classic Woody Allen being released on Blu-ray.  We’ve already been given releases of Annie Hall and Manhattan and now we are treated to one of Allen’s more slapsticky comedies, Sleeper.  This funny sci-fi story definitely shows off some of Allen’s sillier traits but still mixes in his brand of cerebral humor.  I like both the serious and silly sides of Woody Allen and am quite anxious to add this to my shelf.

Hannah and Her Sisters blu

Hannah and Her Sisters

I’ve only seen this film once and it’s been quite some time since that I can’t remember too much about it to be honest.  Being a really big fan of Woody Allen as a filmmaker, I will undoubtedly be watching this again at some point, especially since once I complete my collection of Allen’s films, of which I own about 80% of, I want to view his entire catalogue of films in order.  I’m hoping the next batch of Blu-rays includes Bananas, Love & Death and/or Take the Money and Run.

More titles released today:

Being Human: Season Four (BBC)

Merlin: The Complete Fourth Season

The Notebook: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Tin Drum

About Cherry


30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Won’t Back Down

Gentleman’s Agreement

Our Man Flint

Experiment in Terror

House of Cards Trilogy

Lightning Bug


Love Me

I Am Bruce Lee

Wild River

How Green Was My Valley

by Ben McBride


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One Comment on “The Blu-ray Crypt – Jan. 15”

  1. NICK January 15, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    I went on a Woody kick a while back, but I still haven’t hit them all. To Rome with Love looks OK, but I bet I’d be better off watching Hannah and Bananas first, bc those are two I still haven’t caught.

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