Kevin Smith Says Clerks III Will Be His Last

Kevin Smith Tweet

Kevin Smith took to Twitter to announce that Clerks III will be his last theatrical effort as a writer/director as soon as Jeff Anderson, who played Randall in Clerks and Clerks 2, signs on to the film.  Smith has previously stated that his hockey comedy, Hit Somebody, was going to be his last film.  However, that film went from being a two-part film down to just one film to its current iteration as a TV mini-series (presumably at AMC where Smith has Comic Book Men set up).

Kevin Smith seems to be a polarizing figure as of late.  I’m not a die-hard Kevin Smith fan but I do really like some of his work that he’s put out over the years.  I’ve been mostly out of the loop in regards to some of the vile or praise that is thrown towards the man and I really don’t much care to get into the middle of the argument of Kevin Smith’s persona.  I just know that I like the idea of Clerks III.  I enjoyed the original Clerks and I honestly really loved Clerks 2.  The original was Kevin Smith talking about what it was like to be in his 20s and the sequel was where he was at in his 30s.  I like the idea of another Clerks that is Kevin Smith talking about his 40s.  It’s unknown how soon Clerks III would happen after Jeff Anderson does eventually sign on and whether or not it would happen before or after Hit Somebody.  I just know that if Kevin Smith is indeed retiring from film as he says, I think Clerks III would be a good way to go out.  I’m choosing to remain optimistic about Clerks III and hope he gets to go out on a high note.

by Ben McBride

Clerks 2 still


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