Scream Factory Plans Some Jaw-Dropping 2013 Blu-ray Release Titles!

Scream Factory Logo

I figured that since I’m feeling a little under the weather today, I’d post some news that, even in my state, can send me through the roof with excitement.  While this news is technically a couple weeks old (it got lost in the shuffle of the holiday) I cannot resist wanting to share this news with everyone.  Scream Factory, the genre arm of Shout Factory, made an announcement on their Facebook page about some of their newly acquired releases for 2013 and, when I first read it, it literally made my eyes light up and utter the words, “Holy shit.”

THE FOG (1980): John Carpenter’s seaside ghostly revenge flick with Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis.  New extras are in the works!  First time on Blu-ray.

THE BURNING (1981): Summer Camp. Garden shears. Tom Savini effects. Need we say more? First time on Blu-ray.

THE HOWLING (1981): Joe Dante’s ultimate werewolf pic with superb Rob Bottin effects. First time on Blu-ray.

LIFEFORCE (1985): Tobe Hooper’s space vampires and light-show extravaganza finally gets its first ever anamorphic widescreen presentation! First time on Blu-ray.

NIGHT OF THE COMET (1984): Shopping and zombies highlight this post-Doomsday cult classic. First time on Blu-ray.

DAY OF THE DEAD (1985): George Romero’s splattery undead classic gets a new collector’s edition with new extras.

This list of six films they announced left my head spinning from the enormous excitement I got when I realized my wishes for The Howling and The Burning to be released on Blu-ray were coming true.  That and the fact that Carpenter’s The Fog was going to have an official release in addition to receiving the special edition treatment.  The icing on the cake of this announcement was of course the new collector’s edition of Romero’s Day of the Dead and the first time Blu-ray releases of another two cult favorites, Lifeforce and Night of the Comet.  I absolutely love that these films are coming to high-def and the news has me really anxious to know what else Scream Factory has planned.  I’m personally holding out hope for a Chopping Mall special edition Blu-ray release.  I’m crossing my fingers for that one.

Scream Factory is doing some amazing work.  Their Blu-ray releases are of great quality and they have already released some great titles like Halloween II, Halloween III, Terror Train, The Funhouse and They Live (I can attest to the quality of the releases because I own all of them).  On top of that, they have a big list of titles they are releasing soon including The Island (12/11), Death Valley (12/11), The Nest (2/19), Prison (2/19), TerrorVision/The Video Dead double feature (2/19) as well as some TBD titles like Phantasm II, Vampire Lovers, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, The Evictors, The Incredible Melting Man, X-Ray (aka Hospital Massacre), Schizoid, The Godsend, Scanners II, Scanners III, The Horror Show, The Vagrant.  They also have two titles that I’m incredibly excited for on the way including the previously unreleased Wes Craven film Deadly Blessing on 1/22 and Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond in March (cover art featured below).  That’s an impressive list to say the least.  Keep it up Scream Factory.

by Ben McBride

From Beyond blu art


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2 Comments on “Scream Factory Plans Some Jaw-Dropping 2013 Blu-ray Release Titles!”

  1. Ben McBride December 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    They just keep bringing the A-game to their releases and title acquisitions. I love benefitting from it all!

  2. NICK December 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    God, I love Shout (Scream) Factory so much.

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