Spotlight: Bad Movie Nite

I absolutely love Bad Movie Nite.  It is my favorite monthly tradition.  For anyone that lives in or near Columbus, OH, I highly suggest you check out Bad Movie Nite at Studio 35 (if you haven’t done so already).  If you don’t live in Columbus, well, you now have a reason to visit!  Bad Movie Nite happens the first Friday of every month at the Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse at 11:30 PM and it is an absolute must experience!

First off, when you arrive at Studio 35 you walk into their lobby/bar area (which has 40 different beers on tap) and are greeted by a lot of really fun and amazing movie posters and artwork.  After you get your concessions, I tend to go for a large Frostop root beer from the tap and popcorn with M&Ms mixed in, you can either hang out in the bar area until the night’s festivities start or head right into the theater.  Then about 11:30, the lights dim and the magic happens.  The people behind Bad Movie Nite put together a pre-show full of hilariously bad commercials, music videos and video snippets.  I’ve seen quite a few things over the many times I’ve attended and the pre-show is always a fun time.  Plus, thanks to Bad Movie Nite, I was introduced to my all-time favorite YouTube video, Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit!

As a big fan of so-bad-it’s-good cinema, Bad Movie Nite is right up my alley.  You get to sit in the theater and watch B-movies with people who are all there to have fun and shout at the screen, sometimes providing their own Mystery Science Theater style commentary.  The guys at Bad Movie Nite also insert their own brand of humor into the movies with captions or cut scenes that play up the absurdity of the movie being watched.  What makes the whole night even more fun though is the fact that, whenever you go to Bad Movie Nite, you never know what movie is going to be playing.  It’s always a surprise, though they do give a very small hint as to what to expect.  I’ve been introduced to quite a few films I’d never heard of or seen before through Bad Movie Nite.  My favorite film they’ve done so far was a Jim Wynorski directed gem featuring the big green guy pictured below, The Return of Swamp Thing.

Bad Movie Nite is doing their Halloween special next week on Oct. 5th.  If you can make it out, I highly recommend doing so as it will undoubtedly be a blast.  You can keep up with Bad Movie Nite over on Facebook ( or on Twitter (@bmovienite).  There you can find new info on their upcoming events as well as photos and video clips from various hilariously bad movies.  Below is the Bad Movie Nite intro trailer they play before every event.  You will just have to show up to see what comes after!

by Ben McBride


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2 Comments on “Spotlight: Bad Movie Nite”

  1. Christopher Volpe September 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    We’re glad you like it! We put a lot of effort into creating a crazy, funny, and unique night and its great to see so many people come and enjoy it. Seems like we’re seeing more and more new faces every month. Can’t wait to see everyone for HALLOWEEN!!!

  2. Nannimcb September 29, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    You could be the city’s movie concierge with the information you have and provide on your site. Fun. I think I may go next week.

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