Tenacious D Returns With Rize Of The Fenix

Tenacious D, a band of legend, is making their triumphant return with a new album, Rize of the Fenix, next week on May 15.  If you are unfamiliar with the D, their (very) raunchy brand of humor is mixed with some legitamitely awesome rock music featuring Jack Black’s impressive vocals and Kyle Gass’ exalted acoustic guitar playing .  If you’ve never heard or seen any of their material, there’s plenty to catch up on as they’ve had a three-episode TV show on HBO which was followed by a self-titled album, a movie called Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny along with a second album (which served as the soundtrack).

I’m a big fan of both Tenacious D albums and often find myself going back to them on a regular basis, not just for the funny, but because it’s really great music to listen to as well.  Admittedly, The Pick of Destiny movie was kind of lackluster and failed to garner praise from critics and fans alike.  It was uncertain if the D was done or if they would ever return.  I’m happy that they are returning and have generated some video content in promotion of the upcoming album.  There are a total of three videos that have been released thus far, a mock story called To Be The Best which is about what happened to the D after The Pick of Destiny‘s failure, the music video for the single Rize of the Fenix and the Funny or Die video they made with Danny McBride around another song off the album, The Roadie.  The mock story is pretty damn hilarious and has some fun cameos in it, it’s good stuff.  (Just so you are aware, some, if not most, of the content here is NSFW.)

To Be The Best

Rize of the Fenix – Music Video

The Roadie

Be sure to pre-order Rize of the Fenix on iTunes or Amazon and if you’d like to check out their previous work, check out the HBO show, their first album, The Pick of Destiny movie and album.


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One Comment on “Tenacious D Returns With Rize Of The Fenix”

  1. jammymonkey May 10, 2012 at 2:43 am #

    Thanks for the heads up! I for one am glad that the D is back!

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