New Season Of Arrested Development Will Premiere All At Once!

According to Vulture, at the Netflix sponsored National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, creator Mitch Hurwitz and some cast members appeared on stage to promote the new season of Arrested Development that is being produced and released through Netflix.  It was revealed by Netflix chief Ted Sarandos that the fourth season of Arrested Development will premiere all at once on a single day sometime next year.

Mitch Hurwitz also gave some more details about the upcoming season.  He stated that production of the show will begin this summer and that his original plan of doing an episode per character has changed.  “That is now kind of evolving into becoming more like the old show again,” said Hurwitz.  He sees it as an opportunity to change up the format for the show since all episodes will drop at once.  “There’s something exciting about trying to break the form again,” he said.  There wasn’t any mention of the rumored Arrested Development movie to follow the new season but Hurwitz stated he was hopeful to be able to return to Netflix for further seasons.  He also went on to say that the character, Bob LoBlaw, will return to the show, “It’s kind of a one-joke thing. But if you guys don’t mind bringing it back, we’ll give it to you.”

I’m really excited by this news.  I love this new model that Netflix is developing for their original programming and I think this will be of great benefit to not only Netflix but to the fans of Arrested Development.  I prefer watching television back to back and keeping up with a show from week to week, or sometimes longer depending on a network’s airing schedule, can sometimes diminish the impact of the material.  Being able to see it all at once, or in larger chunks, is my preferred method of watching television and thankfully DVD/Blu-ray provides that for me.  Now Netflix is going to step up to the game and provide me with the same capability, only now when I watch something, I will have a direct impact on the viewing numbers of the show.  Not only do I get to watch what I want, I will be showing my support for a show I’m excited about and Netflix will be able to measure that, unlike the flawed Nielsen ratings system.  But what’s even cooler is that this means I could have an Arrested Development party and watch the whole fourth season with friends all in one day (there are only 10 episodes mind you)!  That’s awesome enough to make me do the chicken dance!  (You’re going to just have to imagine me doing it)  Caw cacaw, caw cacaw cacaw caaaww!


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