New Trailer For Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love

If you enjoyed Woody Allen’s last film, Midnight in Paris, then you may be interested to know that a new trailer for his latest film, To Rome With Love, has appeared online.  I’m a big fan of Allen’s work and any time a new film of his is released, you’ll find me at the theater box office buying my ticket.  Allen is one of America’s great filmmakers and has provided us with many fantastic films over his long career and has earned my instant interest in anything he makes.

This new film looks pretty funny and sports a pretty great cast that includes Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, Allison Pill, Roberto Benigni and Woody Allen himself.  I like, in particular, the bits involving Roberto Benigni and the media’s coverage of his character’s celebrity.  It reminds me a little of the humor found in one of his earlier films, Bananas.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this when it is put into limited release on June 22.


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