Movies Worth Rewatching – Dick Tracy

This week on Movies Worth Rewatching we’re talking about Warren Beatty’s super-stylized adaptation of Dick Tracy (1990, Touchstone Pictures).

(Oh, and sorry for the low quality trailer, it’s the best I could find.)

There’s so much nostalgia here I don’t know where to begin.  I remember the theatrical release of this film vividly, which is pretty amazing considering it was 22 years ago.  The hype surrounding the summer release of this film was overwhelming.  Everything from fast-food cups to TV specials were filling my 7-year old mind with a desire to see this movie.  I even remember one of my good friends had these totally awesome Dick Tracy wristwatch walkie-talkies that we’d play with.  MAN THAT WAS FUN!

The one thing I don’t remember; however, is going to see this movie at the theater.  Honestly, I can’t remember EVER watching it as a child.  I know I had to have seen it at some point.  Seeing as when I watched it for the first time (and remembered it) a few years ago on DVD, I was already well versed in the plot and the various scenes of the movie.  Dick Tracy felt familiar to me but had managed to somehow be unmemorable as a film.

So, “how does it hold up in 2012?”

Dick Tracy is incredible!  All of the complexities and character work that made the film too much for my 7-year old brain to process and connect with are certainly not wasted on 29-year old me.  The incredibly stylized sets, makeup and wardrobe of this film still bring awe and excitement 22 years after their creation.  Warren Beatty (who directed and starred in this film) assembled a stellar cast of actors and actresses who deliver spirited performances that jump off the screen, making the detailed world of Dick Tracy enthralling and enjoyable to watch (yes, even Madonna).

I strongly recommend you check out this cinema classic, as it is well worth your time and money.

Maybe you were like me and Dick Tracy (the actual movie part, at least) didn’t grab you as a child.  Maybe you’re too young to know who Dick Tracy is, let alone remember there was a movie.  Who knows?  Either way, this film has got a lot going for it which is not something a lot of 90s comic book adaptations can say.  The DVD for Dick Tracy seems to pop up in weird places (I found my copy at a local Toys R Us) and it’s also available on Amazon for pretty cheap.  Dick Tracy‘s a blast and I’m certain if you give it a chance, it will be a film you’ll enjoy as well.

by Mel Dale


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