Introducing – Movies Worth Rewatching: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Hello internet. My name’s Mel and I’m going to be posting a weekly column to Monster Popcorn titled “Movies Worth Rewatching.”  When Ben asked me to come up with a regular column for his site, honestly, we were both at a loss for what it should be.  If you know me, you know I’m not too connected to the current happenings in cinema.  I have a tendency to think the best has already happened, and I’m usually slow to come around to new movies.  But, the movies I love, I REALLY LOVE.  If I enjoy a movie, I watch it over and over again, meticulously studying it in an attempt to discover why it’s so awesome.

This lead us to “Movies Worth Rewatching.”  The goal of this column is to reintroduce you to great movies from the past you might have forgotten over the years.  Ben’s given me the freedom to chose movies I’m passionate about, so you can be certain anything mentioned here is something I’ve seen at least 20 times (no exaggeration).  I look forward to talking geek with all of you, and who knows, maybe you’ll introduce me to something great.

For our first week of Movies Worth Rewatching, we’re talking about Kerry Conran’s first, and only, major release Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004, Paramount Pictures).

I can still remember the first time I saw the trailer for Sky Captain.  I was at the theater seeing <some movie I forgot about> and while I was standing in line to by popcorn, a trailer on the TV above the concession stand caught my eye.  There was no sound, just beautiful retro sci-fi awesomeness wrapped in clean art deco design.  I knew I had to see that movie.  I went home and joined “The Flying Legion” (the viral portion of Paramount’s thoroughly elaborate marketing campaign) and set my sights for the September release of the film.

I went to the midnight screening opening night with a large group of friends, and was completely blown away by Sky Captain.  The score, the art direction, the effects (at it’s release Sky Captain was the first feature length major motion picture shot entirely on a “digital backlot”), everything blended together beautifully.

So, “how does it hold up in 2012?”  I’m glad you asked.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow hasn’t lost a bit of it’s charm.  Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow’s snappy relationship buzzes with cinema chemistry.  Fans of classic sci-fi and adventure pulps will not be disappointed by the awe-inspiring grandeur of this film; not to mention, the numerous genre “nods” Kerry and Kevin Conran slipped in for the sharp-eyed movie watcher.  The digitally created sets and effects fall a little flat at times, but hold up surprisingly well as whole (especially considering their age, and the technological pioneering of their origin).

All-in-all, I strongly feel this film has a place in the library of a genre film fan and is well worth your time and money.

The below budget box office numbers for Sky Captain at it’s time of release lend me to believe a lot of you haven’t seen it yet.  Let’s change that.  This film is available instantly through Netflix, and it’s a bargain on Blu-ray and DVD (check amazon and see).  I urge you to give Sky Captain a first, or for a few of you, a second try.  I have a feeling you’ll find something in it you’ll really enjoy.

by Mel Dale


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