New Prometheus & Snow White And The Huntsmen Full Trailers

Some new trailers have appeared online over the past couple of days for Prometheus and Snow White & The Huntsmen.  Both look like films that I will want to check out and wanted to share them with anyone who has yet to see them  or just wants to watch them again.

Prometheus marks Ridley Scott’s return to sci-fi since 1982’s Bladerunner.  I may not be the biggest Scott fan, he’s very talented mind you, but his films don’t always gel with me sometimes.  That being said, I love Ridley Scott sci-fi.  He’s an amazing visual director that really sits apart from so many working directors today when you see his genre work.  I mean, just look at every shot in that trailer, it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful.  I don’t think there is anyone that has even come close to what Scott is putting up on the screen as far as sci-fi visuals are concerned.  The cast he’s assembled here is also incredible and everyone present are capable of amazing performances.  After seeing the teaser and full trailer for Prometheus, I realized what we’ve been lacking for 30+ years, true visionary science fiction.  I’m so happy to see a movie like this hitting theaters and, to be honest, I think this movie needs to be seen in 3D.  I’ve seen the teaser trailer in 3D and I have to say, even if you shy away from 3D or think it’s a gimmick (which for the most part, it still is), I think you’d be missing out on a truly epic cinematic experience.  I absolutely cannot wait for this film.

Snow White & The Huntsmen didn’t initially sound like a project I was going to be all that interested in but in seeing the trailer, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t really want to see this.  The visuals all look pretty good and I like the cast.  This seems infinitely more interesting than the other Snow White themed movie, Mirror Mirror, which looks terrible.  I kind of like the mix of the Snow White story with a Lord of the Rings-esque fantasy film.  It works for me.  I’m not sure I buy Kristen Stewart as a warrior but I think she’s a decent enough actress (outside of the Twilight movies) and will give her a shot in that role.  I’d most definitely see this opening weekend.


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