Stiller, Vaughn & Hill Get Gangsta In Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch, directed by Akiva Schaffer, is a new sci-fi comedy from 20th Century Fox.  The story follows suburban dads who form a neighborhood watch group to get time away from their families only to discover a plot to destroy the Earth.  In watching the teaser below you’d have no idea the film had any sci-fi element as it makes it look like a movie that follows a group of guys in a hyperbolized neighborhood watch.  The teaser is still funny and I like the three advertised leads, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, but I’m more excited by the fact that Richard Ayoade rounds out the group of watchmen.  Ayoade is most well known for his role of Moss on the british television series, The IT Crowd.  He’s hilarious and I’m curious to see how much room they give him here to be a personality in the film.  The script is written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who both wrote Superbad and The Pineapple Express.

Despite the fact that the teaser trailer doesn’t mention the sci-fi threat yet, the teaser poster for the film definitely implies it.  I’m pretty curious to know how big this movie is in scope since it is a summer release.  You can count me in when the film is released on July 27th of this year.


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