New Posters For Frankenweenie and Piranha 3DD

Post birthday weekend bash I don’t have anything written for a new post today so I’m just doing a really quick post on some new posters that have been released for two very different movies, Frankenweenie and Piranha 3DD.

Frankenweenie is a new stop-motion animated film from Tim Burton and is actually something I’m interested in seeing despite not being a big Burton fan.  It seems like something that Burton is personally invested in and may be something he directs with great care.  As far as Piranha 3DD, which I’m sure makes many a person roll their eyes at its mention, I have to say that I’m completely down for seeing it as I have an affinity for bad cinema.  With a shameless tagline that reads “Double the action.  Double the terror.  Double the D’s,” how could I not be tempted to see something that could be so wonderfully schlocky?

Below is the one sheet for Frankenweenie followed by two new posters for Piranha 3DD.


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One Comment on “New Posters For Frankenweenie and Piranha 3DD”

  1. Nick / The Littlest Winslow February 25, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Piranha 3D was OK…but I’m glad I netflixed it as opposed to going to the theater. will prob do the same for DD.

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