New Amazing Spider-man Trailer!

The new Amazing Spider-man trailer is here!  This new look at the film definitely makes it appear a lot better than the first trailer which only managed to remind us that this is an origin story yet again.  I like Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone is someone I’m looking forward to seeing as Gwen Stacy.  We really only get small glimpses of the Lizard so I will have to reserve my full judgement of his design until I see him more fully.  I like a lot of the web-slinging action here and it reminded me that I just really love watching Spider-man in action.  He really is one of my favorite superhero characters.  The costume looks good, though I still prefer Raimi’s version.  This new one makes me think more Ultimate Spider-man rather than Amazing Spider-man.  As far as the web shooters lighting up red when shot, I’m not sure how I feel about that as it seems to just have been done as an attempt to liven them up unnecessarily.  I’m definitely more excited for the film now than I was before but I know I would be ecstatic for it if they hadn’t gone back to his origin.  Nevertheless, I will definitely be seeing it opening weekend.


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