A New Lead Has Been Found For The Evil Dead Remake

Lilly Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, was set to play Mia, the lead of the upcoming Evil Dead remake, until she had to drop out for scheduling reasons.  This left a gaping hole in the film since the character of Mia is essentially the replacement of the Ash character from Raimi’s original.  Now comes word that Jane Levy, from ABC sitcom Suburgatory, is looking like she will be stepping into the role of Mia and that makes me extremely happy.

I definitely have my reservations regarding remaking the Evil Dead.  I know Raimi and Campbell are producing it but what I really want is an Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell playing the lead and Raimi directing.  It appears that isn’t going to ever happen so it feels like I’m settling for a remake that I never asked for instead.  That being said, there are now some things that are making me interested/excited to see what they do with it.  Writer/director Fede Alvarez, essentially an unknown who made a visually interesting short that captured Raimi’s attention, seems like he might be capable of doing something with it that might be interesting.  On top of that, they gave Diablo Cody a crack at rewrites, which is definitely a plus, and she has said the script is looking rather good.  Changing the lead character of Ash to a girl named Mia is definitely appreciated as no one can replace Bruce Campbell in that role.  I know that Mia is not supposed to be a female version of Ash but is a replacement in that she will be the lead character like Ash was.

Casting Jane Levy as Mia has definitely moved this remake from “mildly interested” to “i’m there opening weekend!” status.  I’m a big fan of Levy on Suburgatory and find her to be easily likable, very attractive and capable of delivering snarky dialogue with ease.  She’s easily one of my favorite things about the show and love the idea of her playing the lead in a horror film.

Below I have provided the trailer for Suburgatory, which is quite a hilarious show I might add, so you can get a little better of an idea of Jane Levy as well as the short film Ataque de Pánico! shot by Fede Alvarez, which is what landed him the Evil Dead remake essentially (due to his visuals and not so much the robots).


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