Sigourney Puts The Red Lights To The Paranormal

Red Lights is a new film from Buried director Rodrigo Cortés.  It stars Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen, Toby Jones and Robert DeNiro.  It’s about a psychologist and her assistant that debunk paranormal activity and find themselves up against a man who might just have some powers.  Things don’t go well.

I think the film looks like it could be fun and, while I didn’t love Buried, I do think it showed some promise from Rodrigo Cortés who is on scripting and directing duties on Red Lights.  I like Cillian Murphy a lot and Sigourney is always a plus.  I still have yet to see Elizabeth Olsen in anything but I keep hearing great things about her.  The only one I’m not as enthused for is DeNiro.  I know a lot of people hold him in high esteem, and rightly so, but I’ve just found him to be less impressive in his older years and never know whether to expect anything from him or not.  The trailer has debuted online and I’ve provided it below for your viewing pleasure.  The movie doesn’t seem to have a release date yet but it says it will be coming soon.


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