Elves And Dragons And Felicia Day, Oh My!

So I intended on collecting all episodes of Dragon Age: Redemption, the web series starring Felicia Day and Doug Jones, here on the site awhile ago but other things took precedent.  Even though I am now a little late to the game, I still wanted to gather all six episodes here for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see it yet.  I’ve never played the Dragon Age video games but I’m a really big fan of Felicia Day and The Guild (and Doug Jones!).  So despite having no knowledge of the Dragon Age universe, I still really wanted to watch Redemption and see how a fantasy based web series could turn out.  I have no doubt this a low budget affair but I have to say that the production team did a great job of not letting it feel that way too much.  I could easily see this airing on the SyFy channel and even bettering a lot of SyFy’s own originals.  The web series is written by Felicia Day herself and I think it definitely shows growth for her as a writer.  Her work here suggests that she might just be able to play in whatever sandbox she likes and put something out that is both fun and worth watching.  It’s pretty fun to see Day playing a kick ass and snarky fighter, it’s obvious that she is enjoying the hell out of this, and Doug Jones definitely lends the series a sense of dramatic weight, the only thing missing is seeing Day slay a dragon!  I hope they put this out on blu-ray as I would really like to revisit it in high definition.  I had a fun time watching it.


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