Dwayne Johnson Embraces His Inner Arnold

I feel like this generation of movie-goers have been missing out on an action star that brings testosterone driven manly badassitude to the big screen.  That is, of course, not to discount the fact that Jason Statham exists or that Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig have all proven that they can do action and do it extremely well.  It’s just that I feel this generation doesn’t have a Stallone or a Schwarzenegger.  Though Stallone has been giving us plenty of reasons as to why he can still kick ass better than anybody else (Rambo and The Expendables).  I just don’t want to see that brand of action star die when Stallone and company can’t do it anymore.  I want to see someone take the reigns of the iconic action star and I think Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) could take that mantle.  Ever since Arnold passed the reigns to him by telling him to “have fun” on screen, Dwayne Johnson hasn’t fully embraced his bequeathment and got lost in family film land for a bit.  However, it’s starting to look like he’s recognizing his role and, as of late, has been doing what he should have been doing since The Rundown, being an action star.  With his role in Fast Five and now the upcoming, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I think Johnson is showing he is a force to be reckoned within the action world.  He’s the main reason I want to see the new G.I. Joe movie (though to be honest, it actually looks pretty cool despite being tied to Stephen Sommer’s crapfest).  I’d be happy to see Johnson step up his game and continue on this path of fully becoming the badass I think he’s destined to be.

Here is the trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which looks to have Dwayne Johnson taking over as the lead character.  Also, the ninjas fighting on the cliffside.. sweet.


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