Jason Segel Continues To Make Me Jealous

Jason Segel’s next movie, The Five Year Engagement, has him romancing Emily Blunt.  That lucky bastard!  A new trailer for the film has been released and it’s something that I’m looking forward to a lot.  Segel is someone I’m excited to see working in film.  He represents the everyman geek and is easily likeable.  I’ve really enjoyed his writing abilities so far with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets, which he co-wrote with Nicholas Stoller.  Both Segel and Stoller are on scripting duties for Five Year Engagement, with Stoller directing the picture.  What I like about Segel’s work is that he writes about things that are personal to him and that allows for a certain level of honesty to come through.  I like seeing something that is entertaining but also has someone’s personal mark on it.  With Engagement, Segel seems to be going back to the adult relationship theme and it looks to be every bit as funny as it will be heartfelt.  I know that you can’t concretely state that just by viewing the trailer, but based on his previous work, I think it’s a safe bet.  So not only does he continue to make me jealous of his writing capabilities but now he has to add on making out with Emily Blunt.  My jealousy of course won’t prevent me from being there opening weekend, giving my $10 of support to the continued success of Segel and company (which includes Alison Brie and Chris Pratt!).  The trailer and poster are below for your enjoyment.


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