Movie Trailer Round-Up

The Grey stars Liam Neeson and is directed by Joe Carnahan.  Neeson looks like he’s in badass mode here and I have to say I’m pretty excited for him to do some hand to hand (paw?) combat with some feral wolves.

Shame looks incredibly interesting.  Michael Fassbender plays a sex addict whose life gets turned upside down when his sister comes to live with him.  This one will be hard to find in the theaters, especially with its NC-17 rating, but if you have the chance, you should definitely check out this film from Steve McQueen.

I love that I don’t really know anything about Chronicle.  I saw this in the theater once and had no idea where this movie came from.  It almost felt like a joke at first and then you see the last half of the trailer and its full of some pretty sweet visuals.  I’m really curious about this film and hope that they retain that element of mystery about it until it is released.

Wanderlust is a new film from director David Wain, who most famously made the absolutely hilarious Wet Hot American Summer.  The film is co-written by Wain and fellow Wet Hot alum Ken Marino.  I love their brand of comedy and really want to see this one.  Joe Lo Truglio as a nudist cracks me up.


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