Is NBC’s Community Cancelled Or Not?

Community is, dare I say, my favorite comedy on television right now.  It’s stiffest competition might be Parks & Recreation in terms of overall funniness.  So when I saw that NBC announced their mid-season line-up, which starts in January, Community had been removed from its Thursday night time slot (replaced by 30 Rock) and wasn’t reassigned to a new night.  My mouth dropped open and my heart sunk, I didn’t want Community to die.  The show is absolutely hilarious and the cast are among some of the best comedic actors around.  Plus I like seeing Chevy Chase every week on TV dammit!  I understand that Community‘s style of comedy isn’t for everyone, it’s quippy, bizarre, self-referential, imaginative and often times random.  It’s not as safe and broad as something like Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory, which is a high compliment in my opinion.  I love how the show can break free of traditional sitcom progression and just have a random episode of a paintball fight gone wrong or zombie outbreak and yet work it into the show so that it doesn’t feel out of place.  Dan Harmon and staff are dishing out comedic gold and it seems, not many people are watching it, despite receiving critical praise, and NBC has pulled it from the schedule.. for now.

Ratings wise, it seems Community should have been cancelled awhile ago.  The fact that it has made it to its third season is a good sign for it not being cancelled yet.  For one, it has a rabid, cult fanbase, which are often vocal and tends to suggest that the show will have a long life on DVD.  Secondly, it’s not very far away from syndication.  I believe it needs 88 episodes for that to happen and by the end of season 3 (should it still exist), it would have over 60 episodes.  Sony, the company that produces the sitcom, seems to want to make money off of syndicating the show so it could be possible that it makes it worth NBC’s effort to continue the show for a fourth season.  So I wouldn’t hold onto a dire outlook for the show just yet, Community may still have some life left in it yet.  I’ve read a lot of articles on the status of the show and not one of them has reported it to be cancelled.  In fact, most seem pretty optimistic about its chances.  As to when the rest of season three will air after January, who knows, but it’s looking like the remaining episodes will air at some point.  So as it sits for now, Community is not cancelled.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few Troy centric clips I’ve scrounged up from YouTube.  Enjoy!


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