New Trailer for Haywire!

I’ve been waiting for Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire since I first heard of its inception.  The thing that instantly invested my interest in the film was his casting of Gina Carano as the lead character.  I discovered Carano through the cheesy, but fun, American Gladiators reboot.  She played Crush on the show and was literally the only gladiator that exuded confidence and humility in spades.  From what I remember, she went undefeated in her events but never rubbed it in the faces of anyone, she politely thanked her competitors and supported their efforts.  It didn’t hurt that she had a bit of a girl next door look to her, albeit one that could kick your ass.  Needless to say, I had a crush on Crush.  So I was happy to hear that Carano was being given a shot at the big screen to show off her fighting skills (she is also a Muay Thai/MMA fighter).  I was confident she could deliver the action goods and felt Soderbergh would be a great director to guide her through her first big screen performance.  Then Soderbergh surrounded her with a really great cast, including Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton and more.  Haywire was shaping up to be a pretty kick ass movie.  Besides Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, this movie may be my most anticipated film of the next couple months.  Below is the second trailer that has been released, and while this is a short trailer, it definitely gets me excited for the movie.


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