Avengers Assemble! The New Trailer Plus Screenshots!

The day has come and we now have our first official trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers!  It didn’t seem all that long ago that I dreamed of seeing a Marvel ensemble movie with some of its great characters.  Of course, back then, I never thought we would see the day when the Avengers would assemble on the big screen.  Then Iron Man happened and it opened a door to a cinematic Marvel universe and those hopes suddenly became distinct possibilities.  When Marvel announced The Avengers was a project they were developing, Joss Whedon instantly came to mind as my dream writer/director for this ultimate superhero film.  Then Marvel made that dream come true.  My geek mind was blown and the excitement poured out of me with many fits of happy sobbing and thumbsucking.  Ok, no crying or thumbsucking, but I was super ecstatic and excitement pulsed through my veins.  To add to all of that, I soon found out that The Avengers production was coming to my home state of Ohio to shoot some of the movie.  I drove about two and a half hours from Columbus to Cleveland just so I could catch a glimpse of the movie being made.  I wrote about my set visit (which you can read here) that was made all the better because I saw THE Captain America while I was there!  Now, the trailer has arrived over at Apple and we finally get a glimpse of what the movie is going to be like.

The trailer actually doesn’t seem to give too much away story-wise.  It actually kind of seems like a long-form teaser trailer.  I’m perfectly happy with that as I prefer seeing a movie, having very little spoiled for me.  The trailer does what it needs to do and that is to make every fanboy’s mouth go agape as they see these characters in action.  While Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk are the heavy hitters of the group, I’m equally excited for Hawkeye and Black Widow.  Jeremy Renner just looks badass as Hawkeye and I’m really happy that his character was given to a great actor.  Scarlett Johansson looks fantastic as Black Widow, she’s sexy and the way she fights is, honestly, one of the things I look forward to most in the movie.  I don’t know what it is but the Black Widow fight choreography is incredibly fun and exciting to watch for me.  Her brief moments in Iron Man 2 were among the best scenes in the movie and I wanted more.  I know there seems to be some divisiveness over Johansson among the fanbase and I’ll admit that when they announced her as the Black Widow, I wasn’t all that excited by the decision.  Between Iron Man 2 and this trailer however, I’m in full support of her in the role and hope that she gets a spin-off Black Widow movie (same goes for Renner with Hawkeye).  The quick glimpses of action we get to see are all really cool, particulary with Hawkeye sliding on the ground with his bow at the ready and Cap and Thor fighting each other, not to mention the quick close up of the Hulk.  It’s nice to see that Samuel L. Jackson will continue to be the badass that he is, complete with rocket launching action.  It does seem that they are hiding the alien element, though they do have the purplish lasers from an unseen force being fired in the trailer.  I can’t find anything that can confirm or deny that aliens (Skrulls namely) are actually in the film but I did see a bunch of guys in mocap outfits on the Cleveland set which helped imply that long-rumored story point was true.  Then on top of everything we get to see, the trailer uses Nine Inch Nails’ “We’re In This Together” as the background music.  It’s like they are trying to hit me over the head with a hammer full of goodness and make my head explode with things that make me go into super geek mode.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is the trailer below along with some screenshots from the trailer as well.


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One Comment on “Avengers Assemble! The New Trailer Plus Screenshots!”

  1. Angus Stewart October 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    i think it will all be a good movie

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