New And Upcoming Horror On Blu-ray

Seeing as how Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve created a list of recently released and upcoming horror releases on blu-ray.  October is the month where I knock back one horror movie after another culminating in a final horror movie marathon at the end of the month.  I tried to make sure I list all the important releases as well as some lesser known titles.  I only wish that the original Fright Night and The Gate were being released this year but, oh well, perhaps next year.  There are also some titles being released after Halloween, like Evil Dead II, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil and Chillerama, but I just wanted to list the titles that will be available before the end of the month in case you find the need to sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy a good scary movie in high definition!

Here are titles that have been recently released and are available now (if you click on the movie artwork, you will be taken to a blu-ray review or to, if no review is available):

Here are the upcoming horror releases throughout the month of October.  If you click on the artwork you will be taken to the blu-ray review or where you can see the official release date.


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