This Weekend At The Movies (Aug 12-14)


(MP’s Pick of the Week)

Directed by  Ruben Fleischer.  Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson, Michael Pena and Fred Ward.

Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else.

After seeing the trailer for this film, I had two thoughts.  One, this looks like it could be a really fun time, and two, if the best stuff is what is shown in the trailer, then this movie is going to suck.  But I think I’m going to go into it with my first thought.  I like all the cast members here and am really happy to see Swardson in something that doesn’t look very broad and on the moronic side (for example, Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star).  I think Swardson is most hilarious when he isn’t playing off of people of Adam Sandler caliber.  The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer who directed Zombieland, also starring Jesse Eisenberg.  I really enjoyed Zombieland and thought it was a fun zombie movie with some pretty great comedy in it.  So i think out of all the Pick of the Week’s I’ve done so far, this is the one I’m most unsure of as I haven’t heard much about the film reaction-wise.


(Limited Release)

Directed by Mike Cahill.  Starring Brit Marling, William Mapother, Matthew Lee-Erlbach and Meggan Lennon.

On the night of the discovery of a duplicate planet in the solar system, an ambitious young student and an accomplished composer cross paths in a tragic accident.

After watching the trailer, I definitely get a sense that Another Earth is going for a more artistic sci-fi story.  The dual Earths idea is an interesting concept especially when it is a mirror of your own planet where there is another you over there and you wonder if they’ve made the same decisions as you, the same mistakes.  I find that to be a pretty interesting concept and really hope that the film delivers something interesting and thought provoking.


Directed by Steven Quale.  Starring Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher, Ellen Wroe, David Koechner, Courtney B. Vance and Tony Todd.

Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there’s no way you can cheat Death.

I think the tagline of this movie should be “Don’t deny it, we know you’ll die anyway (everyone else has).”  I am not a huge fan of the Final Destination series, though Final Destination 3 was a lot of fun and had the best cast.  The fourth film was just a complete cash in on the franchise and was pretty darn terrible.  It looks like they’ve at least gone to better casting here for some of the cast list.  Emma Bell, who I’ve enjoyed in Frozen and The Walking Dead, appears here and is a welcome addition to the series.  Tony Todd returns to the franchise and seems to be the staple of the series of sorts.  I had to look on IMDB to see if Tony Todd was in the other ones (and it turns out that he is.. he was just a voice in the third one though) which goes to show my lack of investment in the series despite having seen them all.   I just can’t, for the life of me, remember what significance he has to the movies.  But let’s face it, if you are going to see this movie, it isn’t for the mythology, it’s for the death scenes.  I have no doubt that I will eventually see this but it might not be while it is in the theater.  I think there could be some brainless fun to be had here but whether or not you want to give your money and time to this latest entry is up to you.


Directed by Tate Taylor.  Starring Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain and Sissy Spacek.

A look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules and behavior is shattered by three courageous women who strike up an unlikely friendship.

So I had to go and watch the trailer for this before continuing writing this section of the post.  I look at the poster and it makes me think.. girls only.  I didn’t want to misrepresent the film just by looking at the poster.  In watching the trailer, I do think that this film is definitely targeted towards women but the historical nature could give it a little extra substance to be more than just a chick movie.  While I don’t see myself busting down any doors trying to get a ticket for a screening of The Help, I do have to say that Emma Stone is a draw for me, as well as Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain.  The reviews on it seem to be pretty positive and if I did my Pick of the Week based solely on the reviews, this one would take the cake.  I imagine the film will be funny and touching but I’m just more in the mood for the anarchy of 30 Minutes or Less.  That being said, if you are looking for more of a quality movie, this might be your pick.


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