Misfits! A TV Show You Should Be Watching.. Now!

I’ve been a fan of quite a few british television shows (Spaced and The IT Crowd are among my favorites).  I’m currently in the process of watching Doctor Who for the first time.  I was discussing the Doctor with a friend who told me that I should check out another british show called Misfits.  So I put it on the list of shows to see, not really thinking I’d get around to it anytime soon.  Then I signed up for a free 1-week trial of Hulu Plus on my Xbox 360 and saw season 1 of Misfits was available.  So I decided to give it a shot while I had my free trial.  I’m quite glad that I did.

Misfits is quite different than any of the other british shows that I’ve seen which tend to be more comedic in nature.  Doctor Who is my first foray into british scifi but is more of a fun and cheesy (in a good way) show.  Misfits is kind of the polar opposite.  It still has a scifi concept and has quite a bit of comedy in it but it’s more adult and darker than Who.  If you go onto IMDB and read the premise of the show, it says “A group of kids doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm and begin to develop superpowers.”  This is the worst way to describe the show, in my opinion, as it makes it sound like something in the vein of NBC’s Heroes or SyFy’s new show, Alphas.  The only real similarity that I see (from the first season anyway, I’ve not seen season 2 yet) is that each character has a power/ability.  But the difference here is that each power/ability is reflective of the characters themselves and brings out an aspect of them that is used for delving further into each character.  The show is more of an exploration of people and what makes us who we are, whether it be a troubled past, the isolation of feeling alone, our perversions, etc.  I think the characters are all realistically written and I honestly couldn’t think of a better compliment for a tv show.

The show feels pretty cinematic and has some really interesting cinematography.  The actors are all quite good and the scripts are really well written.  You may have to pay good attention at times to the character Kelly.  She talks with a pretty heavy accent but once you adjust yourself to how she talks, you should be perfectly fine.  For anyone that is a fan of genre tv, or great storyelling, please go and seek this show out however you can.  As I mentioned, season 1 is on Hulu now, with episodes of season 2 being added every Monday (currently there is only one episode of season 2).  Season 3 will air in the UK this fall but I’m not sure when we’ll see it here in the states.  Episodes are on iTunes and Amazon for purchase or if you want to find them for free, you should be able to find them on YouTube, no guarantee on video quality there though.  The seasons are only 6 episodes long so it’s easy to watch them all in a relatively short span of time (I finished season 1 in a day).  It’s been a little while since I’ve been jazzed up by a tv show and this one definitely appeals to my sensibilities.  I can’t wait to jump into season 2!


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