Review – Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is by far the best Transformers movie made to date.  Hell, as far as I’m concerned, it’s THE only Transformers movie.  Within the film, you still get all the Michael Bay-isms but they are toned down some, with exception to shots admiring the female body of course.  The humor has improved, though at times still being immature in nature.  For some reason though, the humor worked better this time around.  Some of which is due to some good supporting actors like Alan Tudyk and Ken Jeong (even John Malkovich is pretty funny).

Where Dark of the Moon succeeds for me is in the action and the tighter focus on the Transformers themselves.  It actually felt like a Transformers movie instead of a Sam Witwicky film guest starring the robots.  Here we get a lot more of the history and dynamics between the Autobots and the Decepticons.  The action is epic and by far the best action we’ve seen between the three films.  It’s not hard to follow the action scenes and Bay allows you to savor each robot punch.  The skydiving/skygliding scenes were pretty impressive as well considering that, for the most part, all those were real stunts.

There’s been a lot of people saying that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is terrible in the film.  I don’t think she is, especially since she is a model acting in her first movie.  I think the movie probably would have benefited from having Megan Fox return as her character’s relationship with Sam has been more developed over the previous two films.  But Rosie holds her own and while not wowing me with acting talent, she fits fine in the film.  But to be honest, I almost believe that they could have thrown anyone in her place and I would still have been invested in her character’s outcome.  All the credit there lies on Shia LeBeouf as an actor.  He can sell the shit out of a moment/scene.  He can make me believe he cares about someone or is in pain (or whatever the emotion is) with relative ease it seems.  He may very well be one of the best actors currently working in Hollywood and has a great career ahead of him.

The future of the Transformers movies is a big question mark.  I don’t really doubt that there will be a fourth entry as this one is sure to make gobs of money.  But I’ve heard that Shia says he’s done with the franchise and Michael Bay is moving onto another smaller project and is still trying to get Bad Boys 3 to come together.  So is there going to be a new director and star?  Or are we going to see both return for a fourth entry?  Regardless of the future of the franchise, I think its pretty safe to say that if you enjoy big action setpieces and transforming robots, then you should be able to enjoy Dark of the Moon.  It is a true summer popcorn blockbuster.  It’s also the only Transformers movie that I would buy on blu-ray and actually look forward to watching it again in hi-def.

3D Note:  The film is shot in 3D and therefore worth paying the extra few bucks to check it out in the extra dimension.  It works pretty well in the film and at times, I forgot I was watching it in 3D.  3D is supposed to be immersive, so it did its job.



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