My Thoughts on Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a magical film.  There were times during the movie where I felt like I wasn’t sitting in a movie theater at all but living alongside the characters experiencing the events firsthand.  It played to my sensibilities and I felt I had a lot in common with the lead character, Gil (Owen Wilson), in his romanticism for a past time that seems better than the present.  The film, I think, exemplifies why Woody Allen is still one of the best working writer/directors and, despite being up there in his years, has not lost any relevance as a filmmaker.  In fact, he may be one of the only filmmakers to have such prolonged and lasting relevance spanning over his very long career.  The man has written and directed 43 movies, releasing a movie every year since 1982 (in 1987, he had two).  Not all have been really great films, but a not so great Woody Allen movie is still generally pretty decent.  Midnight in Paris is one of his great ones.

I don’t really want to go too much into the film, mainly because you should just go see it for yourself, but also because I’m not sure my amateurish words can do the film any justice.  It is often funny, full of romantic whimsy and just makes you appreciate being alive.  Owen Wilson plays a great stand in for a Woody Allen character and Marion Cotillard is absolutely magnetic in the film.  Any scene with her and Owen and it felt like my reality faded and was replaced by theirs.  That may sound a bit like hyperbole and perhaps a tad cheesy but that is how it felt to me.  That makes two films in less than a week where I’ve fallen in love with the female leads (the other being Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life).  Guess I’m a sucker for those fictional chicks.

I think the film makes for a great discussion movie.  There are a lot of ideas and philosophy in the film to talk over with your friends/family.  Woody Allen movies are always complex in how they look at people and how we live our lives.  And not only is this the best romantic comedy you will see all year, but it may be one of the best films, if not THE best, of the year thus far.



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One Comment on “My Thoughts on Midnight in Paris”

  1. Nanny McB June 25, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    I agree. While I hesitate to declare any movie the best film of the year until the year is over, I agree this is my favorite to date. I like the way you described being drawn into the movie. It’s kind of surreal actually . . the feeling that you are “within” the movie. This is a movie I will go see again. It’s also a movie that makes me want to have a Woodyfest. He has a unique cerebral kind of humor that allows one to laugh at life’s follies and the trappings of being human while not slapping “stupid” on the head of the human race. When I watch a Woody film I am either quietly amused or laughing myself into fits. His films tickle my brain like no one else’s films have been able to.

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