TV Networks Shake Up Their Schedules, Pt. 2

Part one of TV Networks Shake Up Their Schedules covered cancellations, part two will cover some new shows the networks are putting out. I’m not going to be talking about all the new shows as that would make this post incredibly long. I’m just going to pick out ones that I think will be worth checking out or have some promise, which just so happens to include zero reality tv shows. Sorry reality tv buffs.


Sarah Michelle Gellar comes back to television after being gone for nearly 10 years.  Thankfully, it looks like the show she has chosen to come back with looks like it has some promise to it.  The teaser clip doesn’t really give too much away as to what exactly the show is, but there are some clips available here and here that help give you at least an idea of the tone of the show.  I definitely will be checking it out.  It will be airing Tuesdays on the CW.


I really hope this show delivers on the comedy.  I enjoyed the promo trailer and I really like Zooey Deschanel, who looks quite funny in this as a terribly awkward person.  I will definitely be watching this when it hits Tuesday nights on FOX.


The River looks like it could be a fun horror/thriller show.  It comes from Oren Peli, the man behind the Paranormal Activity movies.  There isn’t really a whole lot of information regarding the story as I’m sure they want to keep things under wraps.  But it looks like we could be dealing with some creature(s) that play into the show.  That’s all just a guess though, so you’ll have to tune into ABC when it makes its midseason premiere.


After seeing this promo, I have to say I am intrigued.  Not so much with the dinosaur angle, but with the idea that in order to save humanity and the planet, you time travel back millions of years to start over.  If you think about that, then the human race would never end.  You could always go back in time if humanity is in peril.  It’s kind of a fresh take on time travel.  Time travel stories always seem to have the common butterfly effect thread, but what if changing everything was the point.  What are the moral lines you have to cross when you make that kind of decision?  Seems intriguing.  The cg dinosaurs seem a little lacking in the promo, but by the time the show airs, maybe they will look better.  You’ll be able to check this show out Monday nights on FOX.


Oh CBS.. how you appeal to the masses.  With very few exceptions, I find CBS putting out very safe tv shows.  Nothing that really is all that interesting or pushes the boundaries, they like to make shows that will garner ratings but tend to fail at delivering something of quality (I’m looking at you Two and a Half MenBig Bang Theory and oh so many others).  But it’s hard not to be interested in a show that is brought to you by J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan.  Abrams has backed some good shows in the past and Fringe is probably one of the best genre tv shows on the air right now.  However, Abrams is more of a set up guy.  He doesn’t really stick around for the long haul with tv shows.  He sets them up and hands the reigns off to someone else, so quality isn’t always necessarily guaranteed.  However, I think I will have to give the show a shot as it looks like it could be interesting and it looks like Jonathan Nolan is more heavily involved than Abrams.  It also looks like it’s going to be a character drama/thriller and, thankfully, not a procedural.  The show will be airing Thursdays on CBS.


Another J.J. Abrams produced show.  The mystery surrounding the premise I’m sure will keep people tuning in.  It looks pretty decent and should be worth a viewing.  It’s nice to see Sam Neill on another tv show, one in which will probably last longer than his previous tv outing, Happy Town.  You’ll have to wait a little longer for this show as it won’t be starting until mid-season on FOX.


This show, as well as ABC‘s upcoming Pan Am, owes it’s origin to the popularity and critical praise of AMC‘s Mad Men.  The networks want their own Mad Men and The Playboy Club is NBC‘s attempt.   I feel like this could go wrong and it might try too hard to be Mad Men and not create its own identity.  But the appeal for me to check it out is Amber Heard.  I feel the Playboy brand is essentially a ploy to capitalize on a brand that they can attract an audience with.  I could be wrong, but we’ll see when it airs on Mondays on NBC.


This looks a little derivative from shows like Buffy, Angel and Supernatural.  David Greenwalt, the co-creator of Angel, is working behind the scenes on this one.  I think it could be a good show if they find a way to keep things fresh and not reiterate a mythology we’ve seen many times before.  As long as they do that and have fleshed out characters, I could get into this show pretty easily.  The concept this time around is, instead of it being about horror monsters, we get fairy tale creatures.. the line between those things is kind of thin, but maybe they have a way of separating it from previous efforts.  The show will be part of NBC‘s Friday line up, not sure if that bodes well for the show or not.


Okay, I have to admit that I think this show is probably going to be a train wreck but there is something that makes me want to at least check it out.  The preview doesn’t really provide any hope that this show won’t get cancelled pretty quickly.  Some of the lines in it are cheesy and it looks like it is all style over substance, but come on, it’s Charlie’s Angels.  It’s not a franchise known for its depth.  Perhaps they could’ve cast the angels with actresses that exude personality as well as looks.  They come off as CW actors fresh from a guest star stint on One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl.  You can see how the new show holds up to the previous franchise entries on Thursdays on ABC.


This doesn’t look half bad.  I’ve not really found Dan Fogler to be funny in anything he’s done.  But here, he made me a laugh a few times.  The series doesn’t look like a standout show, but there is enough here to warrant checking it out.  It will air Tuesdays on ABC.


I’m not sure what exactly to think of this show yet.  It looks almost Fables-esque and I applaud ABC for bringing the fantasy genre to network tv but I get a sense that we may be dealing with something similar to The Gates (a show that was about a neighborhood where the creatures of the night live).  The Gates wasn’t terribly well written or well thought out.  However, Once Upon A Time looks infinitely better than The Gates but I’m still a little weary of it.  I’ll probably give the pilot a look but seeing as how this is the lead in for Desperate Housewives, I have a feeling I might not be it’s targeted audience.  The show will air on Sundays on ABC.


This one is a bit of a surprise as I had no idea this was being developed nor did I imagine there was much demand for a Napoleon Dynamite animated show.  All of the original cast return to voice the show which is a plus if you are a big fan of the movie.  It’s not on my must watch list, but I’ll probably give it a whirl.  It doesn’t start until mid-season on FOX.


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