This Weekend At The Movies (May 20-22)

This is going to be a brief posting as there really is nothing coming out this weekend that looks good, at least in wide release that is.  But wait, isn’t there a big blockbuster this weekend?  Yes, Pirates of The Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides is coming out but I digress.


Directed by Rob Marshall.  Starring Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush and Ian McShane.

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

I am not a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.  I didn’t care for the first one (it wasn’t terrible, but it just couldn’t hold my interest) and didn’t want to see any of the sequels as they just looked bloated and over the top (and not in a good way).  The new film, which is a stand alone story, brings Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane into the mix.  They would be welcome additions if I was excited for the movie.  The reviews I’ve read so far are not good and generally consist of people strongly disliking the film to downright hating on it.  Perhaps one day they will make a really cool pirate movie that does not having anything resembling Jack Sparrow in it.  That would be my suggestion.
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (MP’s Pick of the Week)

Written and directed by Woody Allen.  Starring  Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Sheen, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody, Allison Pill and Kathy Bates.

A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business. The party includes a young engaged couple forced to confront the illusion that a life different from their own is better.

I’m looking forward to this movie.  It’s been getting good reviews and I’m always up for my yearly dose of Woody Allen.  Even when he’s not quite hitting on all cylinders, Woody Allen movies are usually better than standard fare.  It may the case that he might be an acquired taste for some, but I don’t think anyone can doubt that there is always an intelligent examination of who we are as people in his movies.  I think that’s one of the things that I appreciate about Woody Allen.. his exploratory sense of the human condition.  This film is labeled as a romantic comedy and I’m not doubting that it is exactly as described.. but I’m sure this leaps and bounds over stereotypical rom com output these days.  I’m all for Woody pounding out a movie each year.  He’s up there in his years and not sure how long we’ll be fortunate enough to have him around, so any movie he’s able to bestow upon us is a welcome gift.  This movie is unfortunately in limited release, so some of you may not be able to see this for a few weeks.  Until then, go rent Whatever Works.  It’s a hilarious and insightful Woody Allen film.


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2 Comments on “This Weekend At The Movies (May 20-22)”

  1. monsterpopcorn May 23, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Midnight in Paris is out now in like 6 theaters across the country.. but I imagine it will be here in the next month or so (hopefully). Whatever Works is available from Netflix, but in disc form only, not in Instant Queue.

  2. Nanny McB May 21, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    When is Midnight in Paris coming out? Also, is Whatever Works on Netflix. I’m craving some of Woody’s humor. Also, want to see some b4 6 pm since the world ends then. -nannimcb

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