TV Networks Shake Up Their Schedules, Pt. 1

So it’s that time of year where we find out if our favorite tv shows are returning next fall for another season or if we all get all sadface and cry out “Stupid network! How could you cancel that show?! It was awesome!” Then we sit in our depressed states for months, not eating or sleeping well, buying gallons of ice cream to make the pain go away. Then in the fall we start seeing promos for new shows to invest in and our pain subsides and we start to live again. I’m pretty sure that is how it is for most people, right?

For Part 1 of TV Networks Shake Up Their Schedules, I’ll be focusing on what has been cancelled. Commence the tears.


The Event
The Cape
Friday Night Lights
Law & Order: LA
The Paul Reiser Show
Perfect Couples
School Pride
America’s Next Great Restaurant

The Event was making strides towards the end of the season to be a better show and it succeeded somewhat but it was too little to late. It’s a good thing we’ll know what the event is by the end of this first and final season. The Cape was a no-brainer as it was a pretty poorly written show that was a lame ripoff of Batman. It’s amazing Friday Night Lights has made it this far. Each season has made mediocre ratings but somehow kept surviving. I’ve heard it’s not a bad show, but the subject matter doesn’t really speak to me. Perfect Couples looked generic and I never watched it. I’ve never even heard of School Pride, which might be why it’s being cancelled.


No Ordinary Family
My Generation
Mr. Sunshine
Off the Map
Brothers & Sisters
Detroit 1-8-7
Better With You

There aren’t really any surprises here. V is probably the show with the biggest fanbase out of this list. I watched the first season but when season two came around, my interest in it was gone. No Ordinary Family wasn’t a terrible show, but it wasn’t a good show either. I caught maybe six episodes and abandoned ship. Brothers & Sisters seemed like it was a decent show and knew some people that enjoyed it, but its ratings just kept dipping.


Mad Love
Shit My Dad Says
The Defenders

Mad Love was actually a decent show for a CBS comedy. Sure it had the stereotypical forced laughter feeling that most CBS comedy has but it had one thing going for it.. Tyler Labine. The man is hilarious. But I’m not sad it’s gone, Mr. Labine will find better work elsewhere. I watched one episode of Shit My Dad Says and knew it would fail. They had told all their jokes in the pilot and the humor of the show would just become stale after 3 episodes. Medium had a decent run but just couldn’t hold an audience any longer.


The Chicago Code
Running Wilde
Breaking In
Human Target
Lone Star
Lie to Me
Traffic Light

The Chicago Code being cancelled definitely sucks. It’s one of the few cop shows around that doesn’t feel like a procedural and has good characters. Running Wilde is also a show I wish wasn’t cancelled, but I knew for awhile that it wasn’t coming back. It’s a hilarious show from the people behind Arrested Development. I saw a few episodes of Human Target. It was kind of fun but inconsequential.


Life Unexpected

It was no secret that Smallville wouldn’t be coming back as this was advertised as it’s final season, so technically I guess you could say it wasn’t cancelled, it was just allowed to end.


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