Album You May Have Missed, But Should Listen To


by Forgive Durden

I had never heard of the band, Forgive Durden, until my friend told me to check out this album saying it was something worth listening to.  I looked the band up and learned that they weren’t exactly the type of band that I would necessarily enjoy, but I decided to give Razia’s Shadow a try as my friend was pretty enthusiastic about it.  He said this relatively unknown band made a musical that exist only in music form.  It’s never been produced on the stage professionally.  So, despite the fact that I’m not really into musicals, I thought it was kind of cool that because it exists only in music form, the direction and visuals of the story would play out in my head accompanied by the music and story that Forgive Durden created.  Essentially I’d be the director of this musical, so that intrigued me.  So I blind bought it so that I could listen to it with the lyrics in hand and fully understand everything they said and really get a proper grasp on the story (I recommend listening to it while having the lyrics in hand if possible, but not necessary).  I have to say that after listening to it, I was rather impressed.  It’s a pretty well thought out story and contains some pretty strong lyrics and emotionally charged writing.  It’s a story of love, regret, betrayal and hope.  I highly recommend giving it a listen, even if you aren’t a fan of the band or of musicals.  The various characters are played (and sung) by members of other bands such as Panic! at the Disco, Say Anything, Portugal the Man and The Dear Hunter.


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