This Weekend At the Movies (Apr 15-17)



I am a fan of the Scream trilogy.  They are fun horror movies that contain characters that I enjoy following as they try and survive their very own slasher movie.  Are they the deepest characters in cinema?  No, but I enjoy Deputy Dewey, Sydney Prescott and Gale Weathers on the big screen.  In fact, looking at this poster I’m more excited to see the top half of the (returning) cast than I am to see any of the newcomers on the bottom half.  I’d say the very fact that we now have four Scream movies with a returning core cast (would have been nice to see Randy come along with) is somewhat of a rarity in horror films these days.  Most sequels right away start with a brand new cast and the villain is the continuing character.  So I find it nice to see the heroes of the films continuing on.  That being said, I am a little worried about this one as I have a feeling that the core cast are no longer safe.  I’m not sure I’d want a Scream movie without those three.  The Scream movies seem to be Neve Campbell’s bread and butter as far as a leading role these days, which I find to be a bit inexplicable.  I would like to see more of her on the screen (get your heads out of the gutter people, you know what I meant).  All in all, though, I am looking forward to Scream 4 and hope to have a fun time at the movies with it

So the rest of the choices for this weekend are a little slim.  We have Robert Redford’s, The Conspirator, which surrounds a trial of a woman who may have conspired in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  It doesn’t look terrible, but it looks forgettable.  The cast seems pretty good, but I find it hard to garner up interest to sit through the movie.  Then we have, Atlas Shrugged – Part 1, which is intended as being the first part of a trilogy of films in adapting Ayn Rand’s novel.  I have no doubt that this movie will fail gloriously and you will not see the light of day of parts 2 and 3.  A lot of people hold the book in high regard and the filmmakers behind the movie, well, they aren’t held in high regard.  The director is an actor from the CW tv show, One Tree Hill.  While that shouldn’t instantly mean crap as perhaps the guy is really talented, I’ve seen the trailer and it looks like an abomination.  I’m pretty confident in saying that if you pay money to see this, you are going to want your money back.  Last, but most certainly least, is Rio.  A family friendly movie about a bird that.. whatever, it has vibrant colors and talking animals.  It’ll probably win the box office because it panders to kids and the only thing it has as competition is Scream 4.  I hope though that this is one of those kids films that kids don’t even want to see and it falls flat on its face allowing Scream 4 to take #1 at the box office.

So, in summary, go see Scream 4 this weekend.  If horror is not your bag, then skip the other 3 new releases and go see Hanna.  If James Gunn’s Super is playing in a theater near you (it doesn’t come out in Columbus until the 29th) then I wholeheartedly recommend checking that out as well.


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