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Upon viewing the first video that Peter Jackson has posted as a behind the scenes look at the production of The Hobbit, I find myself completely appreciative of Mr. Jackson and what he offers the audience.  It’s one thing to make a movie and put it out there for all to see and then months after its release release a DVD or blu-ray that has behind the scenes documentaries on them.  It’s an entirely other thing to invite the audience with you as you take the journey of making an epic film like The Hobbit.  If you’ve ever seen the extensive behind the scenes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you know that the undertaking of those three films was no small feat.  It was an expansive battle over the span of many years that took hard work from so many talented people.  In making these videos as they are in the process of production on the film and sharing it online with all of us, Peter Jackson allows us to kind of ride along this incredible journey with them.  It’s something that I think is invaluable to a fan.  To be able to glimpse what it’s like to be there admiring the beautiful sets or sharing in the camaraderie of the cast and crew is a really awesome opportunity, even if it’s from behind a computer screen.  It helps build a sense of excitement for us as fans and allows us to share in the enjoyment of the films that much more.  You are able to see the hard work that goes into these films and when you finally see the finished product you are able to get a sense of pride in having shared the whole experience.  I think it’s amazing to be invited into the process in any form and am glad to see that we are getting these windows into the filmmaking process of a Peter Jackson film.  Now I’m dying to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the extended editions of course, and then rewatch all the documentaries on the making of the films.  If you’ve never seen the special features on those sets, you truly are missing out on some amazing stuff.  June can’t get here soon enough so I can get the blu-ray box set and experience it all again.  Until then, I still haven’t watched the three hour documentary from The Lovely Bones.  I hear that is quite interesting as well.  Perhaps that’s what I will do to sate my appetite.  Ahh.. I’m such a geek.  To view the first Hobbit video, click the image above.


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