The VHS Box: A Lost Art

So I have been reading some of Edgar Wright’s tweets recently and he’s been talking about art on VHS boxes.  It got me thinking about all the VHS boxes I remember seeing while browsing through the rows of movies at my local Blockbuster.  I literally spent at least a half hour in the store each time I went in.  I just loved to browse all the shelves and see some cool artwork and wonder what kind of movie it held inside.  So I’ve decided to do an internet search and find some images of some VHS box art.  It was a little harder to do than I thought, but I have collected nearly 50 examples of VHS art.  After doing so, I think I may have also found quite a few films I should seek out and watch, for example, a film called “The Ripper” starring none other than special make-up effects guru, Tom Savini.  There seem to be no shortage of horror films in the images I found.  Genre pictures in general, I think, really lend themselves to the painted art look.  One gem of a movie that, by title alone, I think I should seek out is “The Amazing Mr. No Legs.”  I hope you enjoy looking at these as I enjoyed seeking them out.  Click on Mr. No Legs below to see more.


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